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  1. Your ok ... I sorted it!!! You will laugh when I tell you .... it was mucky, I bought a cleaning disk, and it all seems well for now .... was getting scary, didn't fancy sending mt laptop away!!!!!
  2. Right then .... I made myself a new account. The burn went as normal. This time on my laptop I could view the songs, and got very excited ... lolol BUT, when I tried to use Windows Media Player it couldn't play them. I tried the disk in my stereo and it played, but the quality was very bad, background noise!!! terrible. SO, do you have any ideas !!! Look forward to your reply!!
  3. I'm at a loss .... Uninstalled it, and then put it back. Yet it still doesn't work? Goes through the burn process, says successful, but when I play the cd on my pc says "Q .. not accessible incorrect function" my stereo doesn't even recognise the disc. I don't understand why this has started? ...
  4. Right ... I believe it burned OK Although on verification it said it couldn't verify one of the EXE files?? .. Haven't tried to install it as I don't want it .. lolol Hope this helps you help me !!! Many thanks
  5. Will give it a try now .. was getting obsessed with the Audio, I hope we can sort this, I know with a free software you shouldn't complain, but I loved this, keeping my fingers crossed. Will do the data now!!
  6. After a week of the programme working perfectly it now doesn't?? I have tried to burn a MP3 compilation, putting the MP3 tracks on my hard drive and burning them to disc as a regular CD to play in my stereo. The burn went as normal, but when trying to play them in my stereo, my stereo doesn't recognise the cd??? tried on my PC and it says inaccessible??? What happened?? Why would this now happen with every audio burn I try?? I'm a little sad as this was so promising and I was really thrilled. Would anyone be able to help me get this back to normal? I haven't touched any of the s
  7. Yep .. you think right!! they are all pricey over here!! could do with try before you buy .. lol
  8. I have just had the very same problem today ..
  9. Yes your right there ... outrageous, yet we pay ....
  10. Nero did the same for me, would just hang when it was supposed to burn, was very annoying, then when you think its worked it would throw up errors at the end. I ask myself the same, why would a programme that costs you £60 not work, yet a free software would ... makes you think !!!! Maybe the big company's add to many bells and whistles, which means more to go wrong ... lolol
  11. Your so welcome, as I am one happy lady!!!!!!!!! I hope it continues to work error free. I just love it, its so user friendly, and nice to the eye. Plus it works on my laptop ... when I was about to give up !! 10/10 .. your the best!!
  12. I would like to say thanks for making this super programme. I have been banging my head against a brick wall for the past few months, buying loads of blank disc's just to find 9 times out of 10 they fail .... GRRRR I have a laptop and it came with RecordNow, that worked for a few months then started throwing up errors all the time. Installed Nero 6, the new version, cost a bomb, and that wouldn't work. Like with the other kept throwing up errors. I really thought there was a problem with the burner, and that the whole lot would have to be sent away. "Was not looking forward to that" W
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