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  1. Dang. Two years passed and I get a note saying someone replied to this topic. I've actually gotten a few grey hairs since my last post in this topic. Let's see, $29.95 vs free. CDBurnerXP wins (now guess which is which). pasnthroo
  2. @kenatiko I'm sorry but I'm not clear on if you are installing NET 1.1 and BETA 2? If you have not, then you need to install both. You can uninstall NET 1.1 after your CDBurnXP installation. If you have done the above, then please ignore this post. pasnthroo
  3. Yes and I also went back and uninstalled CDBurnerXP with NET 2.0 still installed and tried to reinstall CDBurnerXP but that was a no go. It definately needs 1.1 installed for it's own installation. pasnthroo
  4. Don't know. I'll be back in a second and let you know. pasnthroo Ok, deleted NET 1.1, leaving 2.0 and CDBurnerXP started up which it wouldn't do before with just 1.1 installed. So something from 1.1 is needed for CDBXP to install and CDBXP needs 2.0 to run. At least on my machine. Interesting.
  5. One more wrinkle with this. I just did a full install of WinXP Pro, installed dotnetfx.exe (beta 2.0) and other programs. When I went to install CDBurnerXP ver. it said I needed to install dotnetfx. Ran through this routine a few times and couldn't get it to install. The solution came when I uninstalled dotnetfx 2.0, installed .NET 1.1 and then reinstalled dotnetfx 2.0. pasnthroo
  6. I run a pared down version of Win Xp and was having trouble getting CDBurnerXP to run. I thought it was something I had taken out of Win XP. Your answere helped. Thanks. pasnthroo
  7. Kazaa Gold is a rip off. Kazaa Lite is free. I wouldn't download or use either. From what I have just seen on a Google of 'Kazaa Gold', I would be concerned if I were Flo also.
  8. I have written small iso's to DVD/RW discs, 140 MB or so, on the same DVD burner and had no problems. I use Windows drivers, nothing special. Is there a limit on size of iso that can be written or what? If there is something different about my set up and it could be usefull to you please let me know and let me know how to get the information you might need. Not completely computer savvy. Edit: I am using WinXP Pro, current, with SP2 pre-installed.
  9. Hmm. I am using a DVD RW/+- dual layer capable burner, no special drivers installed and no problems. I haven't had the need or opportunity burn a dual layer DVD yet. I am using an NEC DVD RW ND-3500AG using a Microsoft driver according to WinXP. I have burned data and iso's, written, erased, and rewritten. Fortunately, I haven't had to make any selections on what type of burn process to use. Otherwise I would be dead in the water. CDBurnerXP Pro has just done it for me. Thank goodness. I don't know if this will help, but give the program several seconds to register whether there is a disc there and what is or is not on the CD or DVD. I know I have jumped the gun on that one.
  10. I've used this program for a month or so. Never once have I had any spyware, adware or anything else malicious on my computer. Period. I am running the current beta version and outside of one minor glitch, it runs beautifully. I am quite happy with it and so made a donation. I use ZA and I let it tell me when something is trying to get in or out. Because I have a cd burner and a dvd burner and it gets confused when I switch. No problem. I make the sellection for the one I want to use, close the subwindow out, open it again and carry on. Great program.
  11. viewtopic.php?t=948 Ok, I'm out of here for a while. Was just passin' through. Take it easy guys.
  12. I'ld make a lousy purchasing agent. I see something I like on sale and it will tempt me into possibly buying, wether I need it or not. But, 60 Pounds or $80 Australian just isn't right. For close to those prices, I can purchase OEM XP Home and that is a whole OS. As a matter of fact, the temptation got me 3 days ago. I ordered a computer for $480, not including taxes, shipping and I will have to collect my rebates. The system includes: $150 worth of tower, MOBO, keyboard, mouse... ; $200 for 3.0 P4 CPu; $70 120 Gig HDD; $90 512 DDR; $40 52X CD-RW (with burning software (that I will not need now )) ; and $160 XP Pro. And of course there were a couple of other good deals there also, so I caved in on them also. I had to buy it, just had to. I needed something decent to run my copy of CDBurnerXP Pro on. On an aside: I have seen the website msfn.org mentioned by Flo, I believe, and once or twice more. I got here from that website. I highly recommend that sight. There are a few things for noobs like me and a ton of things for power users or techs in particular.
  13. 60 Pounds!!!! Roughly $90 American. Absolutely outrageous. I can buy a DVD-RW/CD-RW for half that and get the CD burning software with it. I just have to watch for the deals when they are there. My faminly and myself are from England and I have lived there for short periods of time and worked there. Living there is great but I did find some prices a little high. I never could figure out how so many people could afford to take regular holidays to the Canary Islands, Spain or elsewhere. But like I said, I have only lived there for short periods of time and years ago. Pluses and minuses on both sides of the pond.
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