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  1. The DVD standard says that disks should be written in UDF format. CDBXPP doesn't support this, so, in theory, you can't use it to burn a DVD. However, modern players, particularly the cheap Far-Eastern models, are much more tolerant and will happily play a disk burned by CDBXPP so long as it has the video_ts folder at the top level. For a video DVD the audio_ts folder is always empty and can be ignored (though I usualy include it, just in case). Ian G.
  2. You need to copy the video_ts folder and its contents. There should also be an audio_ts folder, but it'll be empty and your dvd player may not need it. Ian G.
  3. I've seen this problem too, but I'm fairly sure it's a problem with my drive (NEC1300A). Nothing will burn an ISO image to DVD-R - mostly I get coasters. CDBXPP doesn't produce any errors, but at least it doesn't write anything to the disk. Ian G.
  4. I've done this many times, and had no problems (my drive wont burn an ISO image to DVD-R, but that's a separate issue). I produce the video_ts and audio_ts folders in DVDShrink and then burn them as a data disk with CDBurnerXP Pro's default settings. I've only had one problem with incompatibility, but that was an old Sony, so no surprises there! Assuming you're following the same work flow, can you play the DVD off the HD? After you've burnt it, can you play it on your PC? Ian G.
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