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  1. You're right (Lesen bildet ) sorry I didn't read the whole thread before posting. But thanks for explaining the numedia issue again for everyone who only reads the last few posts I hope the devs can figure out another SDK which is free, up-to-date and usable with windows
  2. Of course I don't know but can't imagine that they're "not willing" to fix this. Actually they do sell this burning sdk. If it's a bug in there then the whole sdk is useless for a growing number of "end-users" and IMHO useless for the licensees of the sdk as well. Who wants to pay for a sdk when the apps created with it don't work with "new" operating systems or other common system configurations? Just my 2c
  3. They should fix this immediately. Because their SDK (and all apps using it) doesn't work for a major number of (AHCI) users. I can add my specs, too: Windows 7 x64 ASUS M4A78 PRO board using AMD 780G/SB700 ASUS DRW-2014L1T using SATA with AHCI Would be nice if you as a developer of their SDK could perhaps "push" them a little bit
  4. Ok thanks I just wanted to get sure whether I have to install another burning program for the meantime
  5. Ah, nice to hear. I know this is a question which many developers donĀ“t like, but do you have an estimated release date for the new version?
  6. Cool If you already know the reason (as I think from your answer) when is the enxt version released, or yould you release a hotfix, since this occurs on 2 different computers and I need cdburnerxp very much?
  7. Using the latest version of cdburnerxp, when I add a folder, either by draggign it into the cd area or by selecting it and using "add", the folder is added to the cd but it remains empty. Unfortunately this makes me unable to use cdburnerxp until is is fixed
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