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  1. If I use this command "C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP\cdbxpcmd.exe" --burn-data -iso:Finished.iso -layout:"compilation.dxp" even though the DXP renames one of the files in the project, the command-line version does not. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
  2. It looks like v4.3.0.1991 also does not update.
  3. This had been fixed for quite a while, but the last two releases, including have reverted back to not showing the current file date.
  4. What you describe is what I would like to see, but is not what I do see. I've just tried this again on another computer. Create a text file Add it to a new compilation Save the compilation Close CDBurnerXP Change the text file, which now has a new date and size Open the compilation It still shows the old date and size Update the compilation It still shows the old date and size I would think that updating the compilation, or having that option set in Data Options, would cause the size and time information to be updated. Or am I wrong in my thinking?
  5. I have saved a compilation which includes a file that is renamed in the destination. Then I close CDBurnerXP and rebuild the files in the compilation. Re-opening the compilation shows the previous Date and Time and the wrong file size. I have a second compilation where I do not change the name and the same problem occurs. In Data Options, I have 'After opening a compilation, update it automatically' checked. I also try updating manually. Nothing brings the correct Time, Date, or Size across and the finished ISO has the wrong files. I've tried this in v4.2.4.1300 and, with
  6. That's great that it worked for you, woody, but in many cases it does not work for me. I cannot even add all the files to the compilation.
  7. I, too, get this message when my compilation size is fairly large. E.g., if I try to burn an ISO that is over 550 MB, the software informs me it is too large for the CD. I have used different sized CDs from 7 manufacturers and none can hold the image. 550 MB should fit on a CD easily. Anyone know what the problem is here? [Additional notes added 9 Dec] This does not occur in other CD burning software I have tried.
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