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  1. Ive tried NERO; Roxio; CD Writing Wizard and your Program and none will burn Movie Clips; Music or Picture Cds? So it must be a system problam cause like I said I can burn games thats what really Is messing with my mind?? One would think I wouldnt be able to burn games as well lol I will have to check into my system and see what the problam could be just wish I knew where to start looking? Thanks for your replies and Take Care FLO
  2. OS is win XP...Alochol 120% is mainy just for burning ISO files havent tried to burn any other type of file with tell U truth I dont think it can? Just for copying and burning games Thx 4 any info
  3. This is the Error Message I keep getting tring to burn movie clips to cd-r....Writing Error;(3) Error occurred writing data to disk. The Drive could not track properly (1004) Error Sense Data; Sense key: 4 ASC: 9 ASCQ: 0 Please help I havent been able to write CD`s in a few weeks? I even bought a new Burner unit from Dell still same problams? Funny thing is that I can write Games using Alcohol 120% but nothing else burns??? Ready To pull out my hair!! Please help this poor fool Thanks
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