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  1. It's for those out there, that can't distinguish between Word and the operating system and think that the internet == the web browser. The problem with a howl bunch of software you listed, is that they don't run unter Windows NT(3/4/5). This starts with the problem, that they often save their settings in the application folder (and the HKEY_local_machine trey of the registry) and not in the folder for the user settings. And ends with the path to the usersettings not beeing stored relative to the profiles folder of the user, so that the software will not work in domain environments. Not to m
  2. I couldn't agree more You should really consider the grey skin beeing the default one With the Win Server versions, Microsoft didn't even ship that Luna thingy. Regards, Lars
  3. .net is not equal to specific a coding laguage. So starting with Delphi 8, Delphi is a language to access .net. Like VB or C# or even Cobol Regards, Lars
  4. Hello, just donated 15$ for your nice appplication, and would like to gain access to the beta. email: lars.soelter@eanschrift.de. Regards, Lars
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