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  1. 3.0 doesn't do that, I think it's in the plans for 3.5 but wouldn't know if the current (donor-only) beta does that already. Meanwhile, try IsoBuster at http://www.smart-projects.net/isobuster/ and see if it suits your needs.
  2. Actually, I think they mean that the DVD can store (approximately) 4.7 decimal GB of data, i.e. 4.7 billion bytes, as opposed to commonly used 'binary' GB which are 2^30 bytes (1024^3) each. But, same diff.
  3. version 3.0 does not use .NET, version 3.5 will.
  4. Perhaps this could also be due to DMA being disabled... check your system settings. Also make sure other applications aren't running when you're writing. Might want to try disabling anti-virus software temporarily too.
  5. According to the AntiVir forums, today's AntiVir VDF update (.50) fixes similar DR/Small.OF.H false positives that were happening with other files. It should have fixed this one too. Update your AntiVir and see if everything works fine now
  6. It looks like their latest VDF may have introduced the false positive, in that case you should report the problem to the AntiVir staff rather than here. Possibly send them the file too, for them to check it out and fix the false positive in their next VDF.
  7. Non dovresti postare in italiano in un forum in lingua inglese. Cmq io uso CDBurnerXP Pro da diversi mesi e mi va alla grande, provalo l'unica pecca che riscontro è che nella versione corrente non può copiare cd (né dvd). Per il momento, per copiare sopperisco con burnatonce (www.burnatonce.com). Una traduzione in italiano per questa versione non ci sarà ma dovrebbe esserci nella prossima. Translation for everyone: his question my reply
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