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  1. Practice getting the exact same error, over and over again? Sorry, but your suggestion does not help. I'm beginning to wonder if this program can even handle external drives
  2. Thanks for the reply. I've tried two usb cables now, same result (I'm using cdrs now, the throwing out of DVDs was costing too much). So far, windows xp can write to the drive, deepburner can write to the drive, and ulead dvd movie factory can write to the drive. cdburnerxp pro is, as yet, the only software that can't (and it has the features I want)
  3. I've been getting that same error, for cds and dvds, on my pioneer 107d in an external usb2.0 case. Unfortunately for me, mine's connected directly to the computer, not a usb hub, so your solution isn't going to work for me I'm afraid. Other software works with it, just no cdburnerxppro right at the moment
  4. I've updated the firmware, resintalled the ASPI drivers, and tried using cdr as the media...exact same error!
  5. Hi all, Here's my setup: pioneer 107d in external usb2 enclosure (tested and burns fine with ulead dvd movie factory, which I hate) windows xp home sp2 adaptec aspi 4.712 I get the following error when I try and burn a data dvd-r using cdburnerxp pro 3.0.116: Writing Error: (3) Error occurred writing data to disc. A NT disc I/O operation failed (1054) Error Sense Data: SENSE KEY FF ASC: 0 ASCQ: 79 cdburnerxp sees the drive, I've clicked on the "install the nmsaccess service" in the properties area after the first burn failed with the above error, and this did not help. As
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