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  1. or you could use python, or mono, for GTK# or a one million other languages, I would have to say though I vomit on java. I for one think that .NET is a good idea. M$ has put alot of things under .NET as far as idea's go (some with networking...some with programing) and I have noticed that most .NET apps seems to work better with with the system.
  2. Flo, I posted about cd-to-cd copy a bit back and just now noticed you gave a reply, thanks man. glad to see a simple feature will come about. Do you know if this simple feature will have the ability to copy audio cds?....I hate taking my overpriced plastic in my car to watch it get scratched to hell. Also, I was just curious the other day to see what Nero charges for their software and MAN! I was shocked. 99 bucks for 6 ultra. I mean thats nice they give you drive emulators and all that other crap....but I DON'T WANT IT ON MY MACHINE!.......i just wanna burn a cd . So with that being s
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