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  1. Excellent. I can do it with a nifty ActiveState Perl script then. Six of one, half dozen of the other.
  2. Thanks Flo. Awesome product! I'm definately going to contribute to your cause.
  3. Whenever I select a large (200 MB +) wav file the program craps out with no error. These are high-quality rips from a music player called XMP. I'm fairly sure thy're sampled at 96000Hz at 32 bit. Any ideas, or do I wait until the next version?
  4. Completely agree with the move to .NET. Continued support into the future on Windows platform is great. Are you going to expose any classes or libraries so I can use your product in some private applications I'm working on here at home? I sure would like to automate some ripping direct to CD from things like XMP. Keep up the fantastic work!
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