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  1. oops, forgot to login there before I posted Any ways I just wanted to add that I'm not sure if the Alternative Runtimes will actualy run any thing else other then nLite, but you could give it a try.
  2. Thanks for the response Flo, I hope that feature will be implemented in the near future though. Then I can switch to using CDBurnerXP Pro as the sole burning software.
  3. Will Version 3.5 write a UDF filesystem for DVD-Video disc, or atleast have that option to enable it or not. So far I tried to burn a disc with CDBurnerXP Pro, and only one of my 2 stand alone players could read the disc. The problem is, is that it's my other player that won't play the disc is the one I want to use to watch my movies on.
  4. I would just like to add to the list, but I'm to lazy to sort them into any catagories. So if you're curious about one, just do a google search. Here's the list: Thunderbird Firefox MozBackup Faststone Image Viewer Desktop Sidebar MirandaIM Open Office TUGZip TrueCrypt Musikcube KCEasy GrabIT Quickpar Maxthon Paint.NET The GIMP GnuPG/GPGShell Media Player Classic NexPad DHShutdown Kerio Personal Firewall SmoothWall DVD Shrink DVD Decrypter TMPGenc VirtualDubMod AutoGK D.I.K.O Bonkenc KProbe 2 RegSeeker REGOPTNT IsoBuster DAEMON Tools And of course CDBu
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