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  1. Hola a todos, y porfavor diganme como trabaja esto de la traduccion? Gracias!!! JC
  2. I do understand that MR. ADMIN, but you(if you stated those rules), said 200 kbs is the most size....so some users will want the most size for their pics to show up. PS: I now see that the requirements for the size is: LESS THAN 150 WIDE, LESS THAN 200 HIGH...I just applied myself to those rules, see my avatar size now. JUST 1 question: how come you said 200 B4? u CANT be just changing avatar size just cause it looks bigger to you.....when in the 1st place you or other big guy in this site put that 200 size as the default one. anyways, I applied your requirements to my avatar.
  3. I do like your program, very very useful, I would like to serve as a TRANSLATOR if you let me ofcourse. I am very fluent in spanish, know basic FRENCH. PS: How do I copy legal DVDs?...they are mine. Thx a lot !!! ======================================== The Phenom!!! Thank you much for letting THE UNDERTAKER be here.
  4. Hello my followers!!! I am now one of your users. The Phenom!!!
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