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  1. I have a large number of DVD recordings +r/w. Some are TV recordings, others are DVDs made from digital tapes, some are clippings of titles and statements, etc. I need to cut and paste these in a number of ways and burn them back to a DVD that will play. I have been able to successfully cut sections that I needed using MPEG2cut. I have also been able to combine these individual cuttings into a single larger file using DVTool053. I can play the newly created VOB files on WINDVD by selecting play a file. The sound and Video are at the expected quality although sometimes the time stamp is v
  2. Well, I understand administrative delays, but the person who donated 6 hours after I did has already received his/her donor status. I makes me wonder if perhaps my donation has been overlooked.
  3. I made a donation via PayPal last evening. How long do I have to wait before being given access to the Beta site? I left the required message a few minutes after my donation.
  4. I would like to download a beta version of CDBurnerXP Pro.
  5. Is it possible to cut an hour or so out of a 5 hour recording on a +R/W and burn it to a separate +R/W disk? I know how to use MPeg2Cut to create the individual VOB files that I want to re-write. I have experimented with DVTool to combine the cut files and then divide them, but I have not been successful getting Nero to burn a usable disk.
  6. Thanks, your suggestion did the trick. It was even an added benefit to discover that I could also write the files to the -R format. I have another question. I'm new to these forums. Should I ask it here or in a new post?
  7. I need to burn some +R DVDs to +R/W. Nero burns from the +R/W format to the +R and even the -R format without difficulty, but it won't go in reverse. I need only the +R to +R/W. Will CDBurnerXP Pro handle this task? If not, can someone direct me? Thanks in advance.
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