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  1. I'm not sure the file would be of any use outside of a flash drive/IBM Memory Key I was never able to get the image file to a CD
  2. I'm using an R40 ThinkPad (2681-GUU) and will poke around to see what I can find. I've gotten into a "GUI" type BIOS but haven't gotten into the real thing - yet Thanks for the quick response and places to start looking! ***edit*** This link offered an IBM Memory key setup utility but, unfortunately, I was unable to get the DOS prompt Hopefully our Guest a few posts up will come through ***edit (2)*** Well a BIOS update and a little bit of pragmatism has enabled me to create a bootable USB Memory Key, now with those aforementioned Drive Image floppy files Imagine... tryin
  3. Man, I'll say PM me for an e-mail address. Thank you! [This is certainly off-topic, but what would it take to boot off a USB thumb drive ]
  4. >sorry, this is different from version 8 = yeah, some say I oughta upgrade (easier said than done) >maybe the code is embedded in a .exe or something = that would be my guess >... to look for disk2 there must be some instructions anywhere. = your guess is better than mine >is there any autoexec.bat? = apparently not... what I copied was what I opened from the files copied from the floppies. > it is the default to load first. *.001 is some modified one or a file to be loaded from the *.bat one = just gets weirder
  5. I have AUTOEXEC.001 Here's what's listed: Am I overlooking something
  6. Thanks for the reply. I've been operating from this information: Following that idea, I used the seventeen (17) files from the two 'original' boot floppies "hoping" making use of the 'bootable option' would really allow me to do that. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but the CD I'm trying to create is not from a floppy, per se, as much as it's created from/through the CDBurnerXP Pro program. I was once able to create a bootable CD from the initial Drive Image 5.0 floppy, and I thought I could "add" the files from the second floppy; however, I could only sit there watching the In
  7. Greetings... I am in the process of making a bootable CD from the two boot floppies from Drive Image 5.0 (DI 5.0) but am not having much success. I'm using XP Pro (SP2) on an R40 ThinkPad with 1G RAM and plenty of HDD space. The Recorder is an RW/DVD GCC-4240N from an HL-DT-ST vendor. So far, I have copied the contents of the two floppies to a folder and put them on the CD-R using CDBurnerXP Pro 3.0.116 Disc | Boot options... allows me to Make Disc Bootable and then I've selected both the Floppy1_44MB (95/98/ME bootimages) and the NoEmulation (NT/2000/XP boot images) on separate occa
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