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  1. Well, thanks for uploading that file... But how to proceed to make it one part ?
  2. The setup file is the one that can be downloaded on the download page of that site it's 12 Mo, so i can't upload it You can send mail to me through my profile
  3. Thanks for all your answers... But, there's something you don't understand... It's not worth going into the TEMP folder -What doesn't frightens me at all- because the setup file doesn't extract anything in it. When i launch it, it simply searches for 'CDBurnerXP Pro 3.msi', that's all... As i can't provide any location for that file i don't have, i have to cancel the setup process... I think it's the same trouble that i read (only today) in that post : viewtopic.php?t=1866
  4. Ok, i have understood what you mean, but which software can extract files contained into an.exe ?
  5. To answer to all of you... My OS is Windows XP It seems i can unzip the package, because i get the 'setup.exe' file But when it starts, it's the same trouble that when i try to uninstall the corrupted installation... 'CDBurnerXP Pro 3.msi' is required
  6. English is not my first language... That's right, but i read all what you wrote, and understood it entirely The trouble is - as i said in my first post - that even with the setup package i have, when i extractt it, i get a 'setup.exe' file, that is NOT a 'CDBurnerXP Pro 3.msi' file... And when i launch it, it says it needs the 'CDBurnerXP Pro 3.msi' file... So, i have downloaded again the setup package, and obtained the same trouble... If you think my english is not good enough, you can explain in french, german, spanish, portugese, or netherlands... Thanks anyway
  7. Because even when i try to re-install, the setup program searches for "CDBurnerXp Pro 3.msi" file... Thanks anyway !
  8. Hi everybody I have a big problem with CDBurnerXP Pro latest version. For a few days, it prompts an error message when i try to burn an audio CD : Error 429, with "Form _Load" module. I have to abort. I have tried to uninstall or even to install it again, and it looks for the "CDBurnerXP Pro 3.msi" file and can't find it... And neither can i So, i can't nor burn, neither uninstall or re-install it !! Can anybody help me ? HELP !!
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