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  1. Hab da was gefunden... http://www.dotnetpro.de/articles/freear ... mpteur.pdf K├Ânnte helfen und sieht nicht weiter kompliziert aus.
  2. Most peaple blame you because they are not willing to learn one of the "new" languages since they have learned their "mother"-language in a very hard way... Or they don't want to use Microsoft Software... Summa summarum: They don't have any idea about what .NET offers. And: There are open-source implementations: Mono, dotGNU... but - who cares? Ein deutsches Sprichwort (es kommt aber nicht ganz hin): Was der Bauer net kennt, frisst er net...
  3. Regarding .NET 2.0 Stuff: The currently released version of .NET 2.0, Beta 2, is released under the so called Go-Live license so that you are allowed to develop software with it. And as far as I have experienced it, the .NET 2.0 (as well as VS 2005) is somehow stable and can be well used for developing software. Perhaps you should just have some plans regarding .NET 2.0.
  4. and Comega (and another C-styled language that is at the ms research labs as well)
  5. Hi there! I just donated some money to support development of this great project. Hopefully it will become very mighty... So please let me check out the betas to give you further feedback. Greetz, Andy. PS: Is there ein deutsches Forum?
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