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  1. I have a problem here and i need some help. I recently installed XP HE, i couldn't get my modem to be receognized by XP and by tweaking the system i found out my modem's driver needs updating but couldn't download directly coz i can't coonect to the web. I have a Compaq Presario (old but working brilliantly on Win 98) laptop that i used in downloading the updated driver and coz of its large size i had to burn it on CD-R to load on the XP HE in my desktop. The DVD/CD on my desktop PC has updated drivers coz XP recognizes it and works with files that were backed up previously on the CD-R. I burnt the downloaded driver onto CD-R thru an external CD-R/RW drive, EMPREX ,with USB 2.0 capability and Nero bundled software but XP HE read the CD-R file as "blank cd" in the CD drive on my desktop. How do i resolve this problem?
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