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  1. My problem has been solved! I got some advise from another forum, that suggested that I disable the IMAPI service, which was built into Win XP, and allowed the ability to burn CDs. I did a search, and found some info that mentioned that the IMAPI service, in some instances, casused a conflict when using some versions of Nero. The solution was to "disable" the service. I went ahead and disabled the service, to see if it was causing a conflict with my CDBurner XP Pro 3.0, started up CDBurner XP Pro 3.0,copied some assorted data files, and I was able to view them in Windows! If anyone
  2. Hello, I just downloaded and installed CDBurner XP Pro 3.0 today. I like the interface, as it is simililar to Nero 5.5, which I used on my old system. (Nero 5.5 doesnt recognize my CD-RW on my new Win XP system) Went through all of my checks, on my current Win XP Home Ed. SP-2. I wanted to backup some data files, and everything went well, no error messages. When I went to look at the D:\ drive on my system, it showed the medium to be blank. I double checked the "Display Medium" button, in CDBurner XP Pro 3.0 and it showed the data on the disk to be there. I popped in a CD-R disk t
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