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  1. hi, is there by any chance a possibility to include UDF- file system to cdburnerxp in the near future? Are you thinking about doing that? It would be very nice for me, so I wouldn't need to watch movies on my computer instead of my dvd-player
  2. okey,that's too bad! thanks again for your help
  3. hm, i'm quite fresh when it comes to this, really, what is an UDF - file? And is there anything I can do about it?? Any downloads or so?` thanks again:)
  4. Hi, I've just downloaded the latest version of CDBurner XP Pro, and managed to burn a dvd without any problems. But my dvd-player, a UNITED DVD 5067,will not play it. It only says "unknown disc". What may be the problem? grateful for any help!
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