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  1. An avi file won't work in a dvd player unless it is a Divx player and they sees to work fine for me.What kind of codec is the avi file?
  2. I do not have an answer but give this a try http://www.doom9.org/ This is one of the best video sites on the net.I am sure they can help you.
  3. There is a good Image burnig program that is free, it is from the same guy that made dvd decepter. http://www.imgburn.com/
  4. Do have a player that plays mpeg movies if so just burn them as a data file.
  5. No there is not .Give this a try it is open source http://www.shrinkto5.com/
  6. Do n't bother with that site it a fake!!The developer had to take down his web-site.Who knows what this jerk is doing!!
  7. Here is another one that I have good luck with http://www.dvdidle.com/free.htm
  8. You can use dvd shrink with CDBrunerXP Pro and it will work it is not the fastest way. http://www.abacom.com/~oraby/BackingUpD ... index.html
  9. It could be a couple of thing's first would be media,some dvd players like -r some like +r,the second,what program did you use to copy the dvd ie shrink or dvddecrypter,third what type of file is it?
  10. Could your dvd burner only support -r's and not +r's?
  11. Yes you can kind of, here is a link that shows how http://www.abacom.com/~oraby/BackingUpD ... index.html
  12. What are you talking about???? This is a cd burning program!If your getting free downloads please tell me how!!
  13. You have to rip it to your hard drive first then you can burn the files.
  14. Uses dvd shrink and you will have 2 folders A video and an audio burn both together. Buy some dvdrw first so if it does not work you can erase and try agian.
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