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  1. I upgraded to the current version, because the program was having problems with a real slow interface. Today I tried to burn a cd and the same problem occurred, a real slow interface, files either wouldn't add or they really dragged. I don't recall this problem before, but I have added software to do other things that may be causing a conflict. I am running win2kpro sp4 current patch. I do not know how to access the error log that might indicate the problem. I have now uninstalled the program and downloaded a new version which I will install soon. Any Ideas?
  2. First I have to say this application is great, but I do have one question. I wanted to burn a audio CD to play in my CD player(.cda) in my stereo from mp3s, but the end burn is still mp3, and won't work in my CD player, I looked at the help file and read the burning audio cd, topic but in the burn button dropdown not all three options, are listed only 2: burn cd with 2 second gap, and burn and let me adjust the settings. Am I just missing a step?
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