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  1. I have a NEC ND-3500 in an external USB case. I have observed that when I try to burn to Memorex 4X DVD+RW at 4X, the write is "successful", but the resulting disk cannot be read by Windows. If I slow the burn down to 2.4X, the disk appears to be written properly and can be read. The weird thing is that when I first got the burner and CDBurnerXP Pro, I'm sure I was able to successfully burn a DVD+RW at 4X. Still, I am curious if this is likely a media issue, something with my USB case, or the NEC burner itself. I have not tried this with any other software yet, though I may give the new versio
  2. Yes, I tried burning to it with both CDBurnerXP Pro and burnatonce. Both failed, with CDBXP Pro telling me the media was not empty and burnatonce saying something along the lines of no compatible media for the project being found. That is why I thought the closed session was causing a problem.
  3. I seem to have created an empty DVD+RW which has one closed session with no data. I have tried both a full and quick erase on my NEC 3500 (in a USB case), but the end result is that the disk stays closed so I cannot write more data to it. Is there any way to totally wipe the disk so it shows up as "empty" instead of closed? I also tried erasing the disk using 'burnatonce' with no luck. Thanks
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