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  1. Thanks Flo, you're the man :cool: P.s. I meant "exclude", not "explode", I swear!
  2. Hi, I setup a small script to auto-update my CDBurnerXP installation (and other) in a unattended way (the whole thing it's Ketarin-based, just to stay in the family ). I ran the setup, excluded OpenCandy and from it and generated this SaveInf: [Setup] Lang=English Dir=D:\Programs\CDBurnerXP Group=CDBurnerXP NoIcons=0 SetupType=custom Components=main,lang,lang\italy Tasks=fileassoc I don't see here any reference to the excluded OpenCandy and I fear that, if I run it this way, the installer will install OpenCandy too. Is there any switch to explicity explode OpenCandy in a /verysilent installation? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Flo, the build you proposed worked like a charm! You definitely rock, man!
  4. I'll give it a try and report back within this week.
  5. Sorry to bother. Can I do something more to diagnose the problem? Thanks again
  6. Thanks Flo, sorry for the delay. Here you have the error screenshot http://img860.imageshack.us/img860/5575 ... ot0625.jpg I attached the new log created with the latest version there is now ( Let me know if I can provide anything else to help you help me
  7. Hello, I get an error burning a specific audio compilation from MP3s, but it works ok with many other. I already tried to change many media, but no luck. Here is the log. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. Focus on data burning: that's what recorders are made for
  9. Argh, write it on the to-do list... Thankyou for your great free product, it alloewed me to remove the old and $$$ Nero Buring Rom! Take alloa at this http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm
  10. Hi, I took a look at the help file, searched the form for a while but I've found nothung about this issue. How can I create an ISO image directly from a CD/DVD in my drive? Thankyou all
  11. I was wondering if there is any way to do "multivolume" disc with CdBurnerXP. I would like to backup my 2CDs-Prince-of-Persia to one single DVD, but this can be done only with multivolume buring. If this feature is not available yet, I strongly raccomend you to evaluate it for future release.
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