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  1. Bonjour ! Next version ? I am using 3.0.116 ... Shall I downlaod previous versions ? Is there another new one available ? If not ... when ? Thanks
  2. Bonjour ! I like very much CDBXPPro ! It does burn without the scratchs I am getting through Nero whilst I am burning downloaded .mp3 (please support on this one if possible) ... BUT :x ...when I want to take off the time between tracks I an using SessionAtOnce to avoid them. The following message appears : "Error while writing Audio Cd : SAO and DAO audio writing are not supported on this drive". My drive is Fujitsu MHT 2080AT on a Amilo D Fujitsu Siemens with 3.2 GHz and 512 Mo Nero is nevertheless able to burn without time inbetween ?! So that does not come from the drive but fro
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