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  1. Just a question for curiosity's sake... When I originally installed Pro 3, which came from Snapfiles.com, if that even matters, the overall size was said to be 11020 Kb. I came across it, looking for something else, and noticed that the program size indicated 27.60 Mb. Like I said, this is just for my curiosity but, is there a reason why so much difference in size from what was originally stated in relation to what is installed?
  2. Flo, How do I go about changing my Log-In Registration? I want to change my User Name to my own name. I tried to re-register but I was told my e-mail address is already being used by a current member... I know this means me but I am not sure how to change the UserName. Thanks. BTW, the current User Name is a callsign I used when I was in Vietnam... that has obviously been some time ago so I decided to stop using it...
  3. Flo, I see the term "overburn" used here and there. Is there a way for you to explaine what this is and what it might be able to do for me...
  4. There is always more than one way to resolve an error... I just put the file onto another disc, which ran fine and no errors, went back to the other disc and erased the whole thing. So, all is well... BTW, any late word regarding the release of 3.5?
  5. I just recorded (burned) a 132 Mb file onto a CD-RW. I do not think it matters but the disc was previously erased, following file extraction via ISOBuster. Anyway, I clicked on MultiSession as I will be adding files later. The burn process seemed to have gone fine throughout. At the completion of this burn, a window opened, stating: Writing Error: (3) Error closing session (two squares were here) A NT disc I/O operation failed (1054) (another square was here followed by three dots). What is in parenthesis above is my wording, I just do not know how to show the exact window. Anyway, following burn, I ran the disc, as I always do, and all files seem to have been included. Nothing I can outwardly see gives any indication of any problem that occured during burning operation. Is the disc ok as it is right now? Will it be ok to continue with additional files on this disc, obviously continuing with MultiSession. I normally delete the files on the hard disk after I record them to a CD to release occupied memory, but this time I need to wait for an answer before I do. I cannot "loose" the files if something went wrong with burning but I do not know enough about the process to know if everything is ok...with or without the warning window. Thanks.
  6. Flo, OK... NOW I have got it. Good question about why to "close" a disc. Not knowing much about CDs, for some reason I always thought to "close and/or finalize" was an absolute requirement when finishing up with a CD-RW. Obviously it is not. Anyway, problem solved. Thanks.
  7. Flo, I read your response regarding "finalizing" but I still need one or two points clarrified. Now I need to "finalize" the several CDs I have already recorded since they are all "MultiSession" but all are close to full. I assume I can simply take anything, meaning any JPEG (photographs), create another file, and "burn" it as the last entry on each disc. But... I have already made two mistakes so far... discs with all data unreadable. Obviously, ISOBuster has resolved this problem nicely, allowing me to simply recreate the files, and "burn" them again. So... you had said I need to check "finalize" in the burn window. Don't laugh at this... I cannot yet understand where you mean to go. I have three options... two of which will be wrong. I need to get to the right one first. I have read the helpfile several times and I come to this: One source is the small "dropdown" arrow to the right of the burn icon in the middle tool bar. Do I need to uncheck the middle item, refering to MultiSession and checkmark the item directly above it? Or do I go up to File (I think this is right) at the very top left, get a drop down window and check what I need there? Yes, this is probably simple to resolve but I have never really gotten into CD burning and the little I have done was via Windows XP, which simply finalizes everything, no matter what the operator wants to do. Get me to the correct place here and I will absolutely stop bothering you about this... unless something else comes up later on. By the way... I just want to tell you that my English is sometimes not so good... I was born and raised in Amsterdam but am no in CA. I do not understand some of the simplest computer terms and this gets me into some really dumb situations sometimes. As I said in an earlier post, I am trying to learn the correct method for using this program and you would seem to have most of the answers. Simply assume I am a dimwit and keep your response somewhat simple and I will be able to figure it out. Thanks.
  8. To begin with, let me say I am a real dimwit when it comes to understanding computers. I understand about as much about CD Recorders (burners). I DO know this much... having Windows XP as an OS, their (Microsoft) choice for a program to burn CDs is unbelieveable to me. If it got any simpler, their program would probably not even work at all. Lots of "Errors" all the time. So, the reasons for getting your Pro 3 program would be rather obvious... But... as easy as I find your program to use, I do not understand Closing or Finalizing a disc. I have made several disc during the past few days using Pro 3. Each have been made as a Multi-Session... obviously meaning to leave the disc "open" so as to add additional data at a later date and/or time. This fucnction works fine. However, now I come to the inevitable point... How do I now close these discs I have recorded? When I tried on the last disc, to click the button on the window asking if "Multi-Session" is required, I clicked the button at the right. I assume this means to record data and said CD will be Finalized when recording has finished. However, what I ended up with was a disc that was shown as loaded with almost 650 MB of data but no way to access the disc. Of course there is ISOBuster to fix that problem. What I am doing is this... creating files with Jpegs (usually about 200 MBs per file). These files are simply airliner photos from a website in Sweden, and nothing else. When I get several files compiled, I put them onto a disc. I have been using CD-Rs but now am using CD-RWs. But I think I do not fully understand what I am doing here. I know the overall process is quite simple, but, to NOT Finalize a disc is NOT the way to go. I am 100% sure I am NOT running into any problems regarding use of Pro3. I am not so sure about myself. Can I possibly get some guidance into the proper method for using "Multi Session" discs so I end up with a good finished product... Sometimes, what I have completed at this time, I have a disc that does not open completely. One last thing... putting Jpegs on a disc... Since discs can take up to 700 MBs of data, am I asking it (either the disc OR the actal recording program), would it be advisable to NOT create a single overall file of, say 630 MBs? Keep in mind, this is photos (Jpeg) I am recording, not actual data (as such). Again, I am just trying to learn here. I cannot learn if I do not ask. Who better to ask than the people who make the recording program itself. Thanks in advance for any guidance you might be able to give me to understand what I am actually doing.
  9. Hi Flo, Thanks for the response. To answer your question... I meant "drag and drop". And I downloaded ISO Buster. It worked great. Took the "lost" data, put it back where I originally started, and simply made another CD. Thanks. And, especially thanks for XP Pro3... it is great for burning CDs and ISO Buster is great for fixing mistakes (made by the operator... aka "me").
  10. To begin with, CDBurnerXP Pro is a fantastic program... It is a shame you cannot get Microsoft to use it in Windows as their standard CD writing program. What they (M$) provides is unbelieveably ancient. However... the point here is NOT to bash Microsoft. I just installed the new version (obviously not 3.5). I say this since I already forgot the version number. Anyway, I used it the other day to make several Multi Use disks and everything seemed to work perfectly. Until I went to add some additional files to one of my disks. I clicked on "Multisession" and dropped the file from the drop-down list and clicked the "Burn" button. Recording started as expected... Fairly soon after, a small window opened stating "Only Joliet files are allowed " or something like that. All I could do was click on "OK" and the burn session continued. Just at the end, an error was shown (I unfortunatly do not remember what it said since I am new to this. So, what I normally do is, once dick is finished, move the original file from Hard Drive to trashcan. Then I play disk to make sure all info was successfully recorded. The only thing that happened was the "Joliet" window I mentioned earlier. The disk, per your program indicated it has just over 600 Mb's on it but nothing is accessible. The computer seems to see it as a blank disk. But it is loaded. The data on that disk is critical for me and I have to find a way, if it is possible, to either recover it, or be able to view said data. No... I DID NOT save the compilation since I was not sure what I was being asked to do. Can I get a few pointers on the proper use of saving the compilation and when to do it (had I saved it earlier, would I now have a solution to resolve my problem by simply making another copy using the saved data?). Also, can anything be done with the recorded disk I have? My appologies for being so talkative here but I hope to be able to explain this strange situation as best I can the first time. Thanks in advance.
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