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  1. Abount checksums: When I make the checksum test I convert the content from the CD to an iso-file and perform checksum test on that. It works on 3 of the 7 CDs, so I think the method is relevant. Further, for the 4 defective disc there are reading errors when I try to read from them. However, I can copy all files from the defective disc to the c: drive under windows, without any problems. Then I can write that structure to a CD disc. This will not give correct checksum, but there are no reading errors.. This may be a work-around in some cases...
  2. No, I am talking about ordinary CDs (for Linux installation)
  3. Hello I have a question regarding burning of iso-images to a CD. I have downloaded a number of iso-files and checked their md5 checksums. They are OK. Then I have burnt them to CDs using CD Burner XP Pro version 3.0.116 (using file-‘write disc from iso file’) When I check the CDs for their checksums only 3 (out of 7) are OK. I have tried different brands of CD-R-discs and I have used different settings in the program, but for some of the iso files I can not get the correct checksum. I do get the same checksum each time however. I have a DELL computer with HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8483B CD-RW unit The program reports that everything is OK after the burning. Is there anyone that can give me a hint of what is wrong? Can it be related to the problems discussed in conjunction with Linux in http://www.troubleshooters.com/linux/coasterless.htm ? Thanks
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