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  1. Hello, I do not have access to the beta forum (I'm a student with four kids and a wife to support so I haven't been able to donate yet), so I can't read what's going on lately regarding progress. I would like to ask if someone who does have access to the beta forum would mind providing an update, if any, on what's going on with the latest beta version? Are things still moving forward, or have they stalled or been delayed again? I'm hoping for a "yes, development is coming along nicely, and the private beta is due any day and public release is anticipated around ..." or a "no, there has been a setback or two, and it will be a few more weeks before the private beta" type of response. Nothing more detailed then that. If this request violates the agreement of those with beta forum access then I wholeheartedly withdraw the question. Thanks for a great product.. I'm looking forward to the next release. --James
  2. Thank you, Flo, for replying, and for all your support you continually provide in the forums. Your efforts are truly appreciated. Any thoughts on what might cause an "INVALID ADDRESS FOR WRITE" message? A corrupt ISO perhaps? --James
  3. Double layer discs (media) only, or double-layer drives? I had a "writing error 3, unknown 1051, error sense data: sense key: 5, asc: 21, ascq: 2" occur when burning a 4.7gb DVD+R @ about 30% complete (from an ISO that was about 2.5GB) The media was not dual layer, but the drive is. I searched the forum and found a url to a list of codes mentioned in this post: http://cdburnerxp.se/forum/viewtopic.php?t=994 Which referred to: viewtopic.php?p=6586 But it didn't have my exact error code, but I did find it on this list: http://www.smart-projects.net/isobuster ... /hs305.htm I found it to mean: 5 / 21 / 02 INVALID ADDRESS FOR WRITE But I have no idea what would cause that or how to remedy it. Any and and all thoughts are appreciated. Thank you for your time. --James
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