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  1. i don't quite follow you on this one....reinstalling windows will fix my cd-burner? i doubt this very much, especially since i'm running practically a brand new install anyway, and all other software works just fine for my burner. it's worked fine for quite some time. tried this and everything did indeed work fine....but, if this IS the case, then why was i able to burn 6 cd's in a row, before the 7th created the error? then, after the 7th, and after letting it "cool down" for about an hour, was able to burn 2 more cd's before the next one created the error? either my cd-rom is overheating, or there is a bug in the software...either way, looks like i'm going to have to switch softwares....anyone know of any good freeware software (preferably open source) that i can use until 3.5 is released? thx.
  2. waited an hour and tried to burn another cd....also, i only selected 153mb to be burned, rather than the previous 650mb. it worked with no errors....i will try to burn a full disc now, and will report the results back here. EDIT : burned 590mb successfully....maybe i did overheat it...either that, or maybe i had 4 or 5 bad discs in a row in the spindle. EDIT : had the error again with the disc after the last one i posted....so now i'm lost. if anyone has any ideas? i really like this software and don't want to have to resort to using something of a lower quality (*cough*nero*cough*)...please help!!!
  3. i was burning mp3's in data format, organized into folders. all 6 of the cd's i burned before that were the same. also forgot to note that after the error, i have the opportunity to cancel or write disc...choosing write disc yields the same error as before, and cancel write yields an empty (and most likely unusable) disc. i'm wondering if maybe it overheated, from burning too many cd's in a row at (EDIT)12x? to test, i'll try writing another cd in about 30 minutes and i'll report the results here.
  4. i've been using cdburnerxp pro 3 freeware successfully for a few months now...but today, after successfully burning about 6 cd's, i got this error at 100% complete : there is, indeed, a disc in the cd-rom, and like i said, i burned 6 other cd's before this one with no problems. after first receiving this error, i tried two other discs, which joined the coaster pile. i downloaded the latest version (which was the same as i was using, but i re-downloaded anyway just to be safe), reinstalled, and had the same problem. I'm using a SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-212B. any ideas? thanks in advance!
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