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  1. After lots of trial and error, I decided to go right back to the very start and try to figure out what the problem was. That's when I found that the ISO file I was trying to burn had been corrupted. When I got a good ISO file, everything worked fine.
  2. I just tried burning a cd from an iso file. When I put the cd into any drive after finishing, some weird stuff happens: 1) In "My Computer" the rugular icon for that drive disappears and is replaced with the standard "Windows doesn't Recognize this FIle Type" icon. 2) If I just double clikc the drive still, it shows the error message... "E:\ is not a valid Win32 application" 3) I can still force it to open the cd by right mouse clicking and choosing "open" 4) The directories are there, the files appear to be there, but if I click on any of the programs I am again warned "E:\[whatever the file is] is not a valid Win32 application"
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