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  1. This document has too many informations. I read at several places that ECC Block Size is 16KB but using this value I still doesn't have the same exact count between my computed size and the size shown in CDBXP. I tried on Nero Burning Rom. Nero seems to use a common way to estimate the size on ISO and UDF : each file uses a block size of 2048 bytes. and Nero seems to add additional 48 bytes per file at the directory information level. But Nero reserved a minimum of 338 KB for the directory information whereas it is 1.44MB for CDBurnerXP.
  2. Hi, I noticed that if I put a given group of folders and files on a DVD , CDBurnerXP doesn't show the same amount of space whether I choose an ISO or UDF filesystem. For ISO, it seems that only a block size of 2048 bytes is used in order to compute the total estimated size but not for UDF. Where can I find information on how is computed the estimated size for a set of folders/files on an UDF filesystem ? Thanks.
  3. This seems to be fixed in version Good job
  4. Hi, I noticed that after a successful burning, the only way to make the Burn dialog disappear is to click the Cancel button (or click the X button). If I remember well, in version 3.5, after the successful panel, the Burn window disappeared and the main window get the focus. I find this behavior more logic than to have to cancel the panel after a successful burning. Is it a bug or this new behavior is on purpose ?
  5. I can wait 10 minutes, it still doesn't respond. Only adding one small txt file to the compilation is enough to make it freeze. I installed it on a fresh XP SP2 install on a virtual machine and I cannot reproduce it.
  6. The application doesn't respond anymore. The busy cursor is shown when I focus the application. I can only click the X and confirm that I want to kill the process.
  7. Language toolbar is deactivated on my system. No ctfmon.exe process is running. I never had any D&D problem with version 3.5.
  8. Hi, I just installed the version (and reboot) and have a critical problem to make a compilation. When I drag & drop a file from an Explorer window to the compilation panel (Data or Audio), it freezes CDB4 and I have to kill the process. It works if I use the + (Add) button, or if I drag & drop from the CDB4 Explorer panel. It also freezes if I use the dropbox. XP SP2 + MS .NET 2.0 FRA
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