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  1. Flo, Thanks SO much for such a quick response..it just makes using the software even better. Even without the ability to copy cd-cd..it's still better than nero. I hope in the near future that the new and improved version of cdxpro will be released. Have a GREAT day.. David
  2. Hello, I use the latest available public release version of cdbxpro ( 3.0.116 ) . I've had good luck with it so far, one thing that I miss is the ability to copy a music cd..that is cd-cd copy. I was reading reviews about the software, and one user said this " My biggest gripe is that there is no option to make a copy of a CD. But this can be solved (rather painfully, and it's the reason I gave 'Features' a medium rating) by making an ISO of the CD you're trying to copy and burning it right back onto a blank disc. Other than that, this program is one of the best ones I've ever used, and aside from that pesky lack of a copy function, it provides basically every feature I need. Very nice piece of software." Is there an easier way to do this, until the next 'official' version comes out ? Supposedly..the 3.5 version will have this function. By the way..my cd-burner came with an abbreviated version of nero software, I never did like it.. PLEASE keep up the great work on this software. Yours truly, David W.
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