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  1. Well, I've looked around and played with this version enough that I'm not seeing a solution, so I guess I just go back to the previous version that worked.
  2. In version, when ever I burn a cd, it does not display the album title name in any of my car stereo's. In all versions prior to this one, that worked perfectly. It does display the song title's correctly though. What's the trick in this newest version? Thank you
  3. So, that explains the sudden reappearance of the minimal version after only 1 or 2 updates?
  4. FWIW, I just installed the new version of CDBurner without checking here first to see if that goofy Open Candy crap was being added back into the program again and already. I saw no option to refuse that install. I only heard that Open Candy was being reintroduced on another techie forum, so I immediatley scanned with Malwarebytes and it found nothing. I only did a quick scan but Mbam always found Open Candy just doing that. So, Is it included again or not? Guess I'll waste my time and do a full scan with Mbam now and find out. I do like this program (CDBurnerXP) a lot, but will not use it if I can't remove that Open Candy garbage!! Edit: Oops! Didn't see post #107 before posting. Very glad to have seen that! Thank you
  5. Or, do a quick scan with Malwarebytes and it'll be gone too. Glad to see that Open Candy crap gone!! Might even persuade me to make a donation. Thanks
  6. "I see no reason to complain whatsoever about Adwares" Most ridiculous line I've ever read about ANY PROGRAM! I'm glad as heck I've been shopping around for a different burning program then and have found one, without that crap Open Candy!! You can defend and/or recommend this stuff until you're blue in the face and I'm glad you like to install the junk, but as far as I'm concerned, if you're not going to write a version of CDBurnerXP that DOES NOT have Open Candy in it, then I am done with this program! Doesn't matter that even a quick scan with Malwarebytes removes the garbage from this thing, I am definitely NOT going to install something I KNOW has malware in it, whether you prefer to call it malware or not! Thak you
  7. Thank you, floele. Can't believe I've never seen or tried that option under the menu bar for entring text manually, but that did the tirck! My issue is solved.
  8. Nope, Not any kind of a bug in the last 3 versions anyway. Will let you know about that text entry thing still though. Thank you
  9. We're getting WAY off topic now, but just to reply, I ALWAYS uncheck the box to automatically download and install updates, but the program would still try and do just that, in what ever version it was I was using back then. That was at least 2, maybe 3 years ago. Took me a long time before I finally decided to update the program and then that was only because some of the people in the forums at neowin.net said that the program finally quit updating even though that box was unchecked.
  10. I'm pretty sure I've tried that before, but will double check on the next disc I burn. Was using an older version of the program up until not to long ago because CDBurnerXP WOULDN'T allow me to disable the automatic checking of program updates. I DESPISE programs that do that! Will let you know how that works. Thank you
  11. Yes, CD text is enabled and I'm not even sure how to manually specify it, which I wouldn't want to do anyway. If I HAD to do that, I'd simply use a different burning program!
  12. Depending on who you're replying to, floele, both my car stereo's support it, but when I use CDBurnerXP, neither of them display the artists name. When I burn a cd using my Debian Linux boxes and K3B, it displays artists name and the name of the songs, every time.
  13. It is the player in your car that has to support reading the names of the files to work correctly. Just about any half way modern player should be able to do that. My question is along the same lines, so hoping this isn't considered stealing the thread, but I'd like to know how to make CDBurnerXP display the name of the album when played in car stereo? It always just says no name although the track titles do display correctly. FWIW, Using most current version of CDBurnerXP and Windows 7. Thank you
  14. You're saying the "next" current version, right? I'll be watching for it. Thank you
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