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  1. I would like to try the alpha version. How do I get signed up? I have made a donation as of yesterday to the originator, S. Haglund through PayPal. I know we need to get permission to access the downloads, am I correct? Do I receive an email or wait for permission? Linda
  2. When can I have access to the new alpha/beta cd burner? coachlinda@tennis.com Thanks. P.S. If anyone sends to my email, I will need to add your email to my address book. I have the forum's address there, as well as the developer's address (S. Haglund). Thanks.
  3. I have given my first installment in order to have the alpha downloaded. I need administrative permission, right? I am new to this whole thing so please help me with downloading it. Thanks. coachlinda
  4. How do I get the latest updates after donating money? Thanks.
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