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  1. I just downloaded the ISO images for the latest release of Debian Linux. I used CDBurner XP Pro 3 to write the ISO images to CD. I had to create 10 CDs, and I was understandably concerned about any read/write errors that might occur. Three questions: (1) There is a "Save Image as ISO File" menu option. The current HELP file directs you to use this option to burn ISO images. On WinXP, however, "Save Image as ISO" just hands the ISO file over to the Windows XP CD Writer, which will try to burn the ISO as a standard Windows-based file. The "Write Disk from ISO File" function appears to be the only way to do the burn. Am I correct about this? (2) The "Write Disk from ISO File" function doesn't have a "verify" option. Does it automatically verify the MDSUM of each file right after writing it to the CD? (This would require two passes for each file---one pass to write it and one pass to read it again.) (3) If the burner doesn't perform any verification, how can I do it manually?
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