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  1. Hi. I don't give up easily,so here I am again.!! I am really surprised there has been no reaction to my recent postings. I repeat that my observations are NOT addressed to Admin or the dedicated few who do find time to respond to as many queries as possible. I have in mind the visitors (eg. replies to Micky's Licence posting) who could offer the benefit of their experience with CB if they cared to do so. This is what happens on other forums I subscribe to, so why not this one. ? Considering only the postings between Dec12 and the end of Jan (on page1), 32 out of 44 p
  2. Hi. I think I now have to accept that there will be no replies to any of my postings,including my original request for help and the rather critical later ones which Admin apparently zapped. However, I will risk a further zapping to observe that the impressive 55 replies to Miicky's "Licence" posting is a clear indication of the many users that visit the forum and yet an appraisal of the list of postings shows that the "no responses"are seldom less than 50% and have recently been around 75%. Whatever it was in my postings which might have justified their removal,surely my comments ab
  3. Why have my two yesterday postings headed General Discussion Forum disappeared,please. ?? They may have been rather contentious but, read together, there was nothing offensive about them and I can't see any reason for them to have been (apparenly) "censored". Regards, Alpha.
  4. The silence Is deafening but I'll still keep hoping. !!! Alpha.
  5. Thanks Poldie. What sort of a forum is it if "FEW EVER RECEIVE A RESPONSE". ??? I subscribe to a nunber of active forums and ALL of them are the source of help and advice related to PC problens. I can't see any point in the existence of such a "forum" at all if what you say is true. Surely everybody who logs-in is running CDBurner and I find it difficult to believe that noone who knows the solution to a problem aired here can be bothered to offer to help. Why log-in at all if you have a problem that you know will not engender any help or you have no intention of
  6. Hi. I've just realised that what I said is not strictly accurate. I should have said that the Boot Options button and all the Write Options (checks) are greyed-out. Sorry. Hoping for some response. Regards, Alpha.
  7. Hi. When I click Burn and the Write CD/DVD screen comes up, all the options buttons (including the Make Disc Bootable button) are greyed-out and the writing starts immediately. Sometime, if I cancel the write,the buttons activate but this only happens occasionaly. How can I restore the normal function,please.? Regards, Alpha.
  8. I only saw your posting when I submitted my reply to xrayspex. Re 1, I have continued to try to install Flash but haven't solved the problem yet. Re 2, There certainly are and I would like to encourage subscribers to make their contributions. Apart from the the establishment of goodwill (which can't be bad !!) it takes some of the load off Admin people like yourself, who give so much of their free time to dealing with queries like mine. In my opinion, all forums should operate on a "give and take" basis and I get considerable satisfaction from doing my bit to help-out when I ca
  9. Thanks xrayspex, I'll certainly do that untick in future.!! All the Best. Alpha
  10. 2) it is a fact that apart from me there is *no one* who provides an appreciable amount of help to other users on a regular basis here (compare my number of posts to the user who has the second most posts). If I don't answer to a query then there probably are no answers at all. Flo. I can see from your response that we have been at cross-purposes here. Ref: 1) above,when I refered to "my query",I meant the query I opened the thread with,whereas you thought I meant my asking about installing Flash. Ref: 2) above,I am very surprised by what you say, as it is completely contrary
  11. Very many thanks RoseW. You have restored my (well established) faith in the goodwill of forum subscribers.!! I have only minutes to spare at the moment (pre Christmas panic - as usual!!) but will carry out your directions at the next free period. With the Compliments of the Season to You and Yours. Alpha.
  12. Flo. I am completely baffled by what you say above. I thought my initial reactions to your previous responses were probably wrong but it now seems clear that they indicate an element of irritation or resentfulness which I fail to understand. I have looked carefully at my postings and can find no possible reason for that sort of reaction. I subscribe to a number of other forums and message boards where I receive a great deal of (and give a little) help and am really puzzled by my reception here. Ref: 1 above. I explained why I mentioned SpyStopper and you must be aware that
  13. I wasn't asking for help with my "anti-spyware tools". I mentioned it so you would know that I had thought of that aspect of being unable to install Flash,which I have continued to try without success. As I therefore cannot get access to your tutorial as a means of solving my problem and I have no wish to continue to take up your valuable time Flo, perhaps one of your members (who obviously must be familiar with the workings of CDBurner) could respond to my enquiry.please. ? As I've said, I'm sure the answer is quite simple but for me it's a case of "it's easy when you know how" !!
  14. Flo. I've been trying to install Flash Media Player but keep getting the message "Could Not Run Installer." My SpyStopper has a Disable Flash Media option but I have unchecked it . Can you suggest anything else I can do to get the download.please.? Alpha.
  15. Thanks Flo, but your link only brought up a blank page. Alpha.
  16. Hi. Can someone tell me the procedure for burning additional files onto a partially used disc ? I'm sure it's quite simple, but I can't follow the "Help" on the subject so I obviously need an "Idiot's Guide" please !! I posted on this subject several months ago but didn't receive any helpful responses, so I'm hoping for better luck this time.!! Regards, Alpha.
  17. True,but if each Viewer had had 12 Views (now 528)--probably a maximum average--there are 44 guys/dolls out there who are potential sources of the information I'm asking for--- so why so reluctant to join the party?!! It really baffles me. Cheers, Alpha. (Get the cheers whilst available. I haven't many left.!!)
  18. Heh.Flo -- OK OK, so that's you relieved of further duty on this issue but I 'm still hoping to persuade one or more of the Viewers (total views now 431!!) to come forward with the information I need,PLEASE. Cheers Alpha.
  19. Heh Flo. I wasn't expecting an answer from anyone in particular and was certainly not aiming at any hardworking Admin guys.!! I'm used to forums and message boards where a plea for guidance nearly always produces a number of helpful responses and I had in mind the 400 views of this thread - presumably all by CDB users,many of whom must surely know the answer to my query. Hoping to hear from one (or more!) of you guys. Cheers, Alpha.
  20. Hi Flo. I have been trying to solve my problem since my posting of 6 July and have found that if I include all the files which are already burnt onto the disc in the compilation, I can then add additional files to it. However,when there is already a lot of files on the disc,this can be quite laborious and I'm sure there is a better procedure. Hoping to hear from you soon. Cheers, Alpha.
  21. Hi. I would be grateful if a more experienced CDBurner user could respond to my posting of June 28,please. Although I have made further efforts to solve my problem, I'm still just as fazed by it and even more frustrated , because I'm sure there is a simple answer. !! Cheers, Alpha. :x
  22. Thanks Flo. I guess I overstated my case by asking for a "click-by-click guide", as I certainly didn't expect anyone to provide a tutorial.! I've had CDB for quite a while and have done a lot of multiple burns to disc without any problems but,although I've studied Help and the information at your link and tried it many times,I STILL can't work out how to add to a disc that already has stuff on it. I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction, so that I can use all the part-empty discs I have already collected.! Cheers, Alpha.
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