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  1. Mam publiczną alpha i plik językowy z 02-07-2005. Program uruchamia się i pojawia się wybór kompilacji : Wyór typu projektu... Następnie w okienku nagrywania : Tryb wyoskiej kompatybilności DVD
  2. For me it worked. I have new MSI installer from MS.Maybie try to update it ( Windows Update ). P.S I have Enterprise Edition...but it shouldn't be much diffrence between Std ( more CPUs, more RAM, more servers ).
  3. Spyware is bad, when it sends data to someone. I don't see on my firewall ( SPF 5.6 ) any comunication going in/out of CDBurnerXP.
  4. Maybie event log in control panel can provide something useful.Did you checked it?
  5. Remember to seed after downloading. Don't be selfish .
  6. I also think "who cares?". Dev team makes this software and gives it to us for free. They don't want others to view or edit sourcecode? Fine with me. Other free burner : Burn4Free (ads in main window). I used to use him but CDBurnerXP is a lot better. B4F sometimes didn't erase my CD-RWs.
  7. This would be very useful ! Nero sux in this. K3B does it very quickly.
  8. Is it possible to add in "Recorder Information" a field with firmware version of recorder? Nero Info toolkit shows it kinda nice. It could useful for ppl who have DVD-RW's ( new firmware = new supported media , but sometimes there is a question "what firmware I have now?" ). I'm sorry if it was here earlier...
  9. I'll try to visit this forum very often. CDBurnerXP Pro I'm using since yesterday so I'm kinda new . But it's great. There should be a version for Linux ...
  10. Well remember to seed after downloading when using BitTorrent .Now there are 24 seeds and it's good - more ppl share, faster other will download.
  11. I will be glad to help. Just tell me what to do. Maybie on PM or here .
  12. I can also help . I translate nVHardPage (check readme or something like that). Mogę też pomóc .
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