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  1. Hi FLo, The above link for the latest English file seams to be wrong. Please check it out and correct it. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have translated the previous version to Bulgarian. And I'll be glad to update the translation for this version too. Edit: Waiting to receive a translator access. Thank you.
  3. Здрасти, програмата има многоезична поддръжка и аз вече съм я превел на български (версия По-долу на първата страница в темата Translations (for users) има тема BULGARIAN translation. Ако решиш да се включиш в превода, мога да ти изпратя последната версия на файла с превода, за да не започваш отначало. Ако се интересуваш прати ми мейл на kaloyan.stolinov'at'gmail.com
  4. It says it all. The media you've inserted in the drive is not writable. There can be 2 reasons for this message: 1. The media you put in is not writable, not empty or is damaged (scratched) 2. Your CD-drive can't recognize the media correctly Try inserting another empty media. If the media is the same type like the first one and you receive the same message, try with different media brand.
  5. You can use AVI2DVD to make your AVI file in DVD format and then burn it with CDBXP.
  6. You can burn any files you wish on a DVD. But this DVD will be readable only on a PC. If you want to watch the DVD on a home DVD player you should convert your .WMV files. I'm useing AVI2DVD to convert my video files. Good luck.
  7. The Bulgarian translation of the current beta version ( is ready and uploaded. There are still many untranslatable items in this version, so i'm waiting for the next one. I'm also planing to translate the HELP file for the new version when it's ready. Българският превод на текущата бета версия ( е готов и качен на сървъра. В тази версия все още има много фрази, които не могат да се преведат (липсват във файла за превод), така че чакам следващата версия. Също така планирам да преведа и помощния файл за новата версия, когато е готов.
  8. You can use VirtualDub. It's fast and easy: 1. Download VirtualDub from http://virtualdub.sourceforge.net/ 2. UnZip anywhere you want. 3. Start VirtualDub.exe 4. File -> Open Video file... 5. There are some control buttons at the bottom of the window. Tlast 2 on the right are the MARK IN ( <_ ) and MARK OUT ( _> )buttons. When the cursor is at the begining of the movie pres MARK IN, then move the cursor to the desired position for the end of the first part and press MARK OUT. The selection between the markings will become blue. Then select: 6. Video -> Direct stream copy 7.
  9. When I try to subscribe for the newsletter i receive the following error message: XML Parsing Error: no element found Location: http://cdburnerxp.se/newsletter.php Line Number 47, Column 12: -----------^
  10. I don't know what happened to NEOhidra's translation. It's been several months since January and there is no result. I've translated the program (version in two days and now I'm ready to upload the Bulgarian file. Untill then anyone who wish to test it and report errors can download it at: http://www.bug4o.cjb.net//Links/bg-BG.zip I hope you'll like it. Не знам какво се е случило с превода на NEOhidra. Вече са минали няколко месеца от януари, а няма резултат. Аз преведох програмата (версия за два дни и съм готов да кача българския превод на сървъра. До тогава, вс
  11. Hello, I would like to translate the program in Bulgarian. I have translated two other great free programs - QuickZip (http://www.quickzip.org/) and EventManager (http://www.rotebetasoftware.com/). This is the only way i could donate for now. I just saw there is a post from January from a bulgarian user, but can't see the result. I work fast and try to stay up to date with versions. You can contact me at debug@mail.bg
  12. Hello, I would like to translate the program in Bulgarian. I have translated two other great free programs - QuickZip (http://www.quickzip.org/) and EventManager (http://www.rotebetasoftware.com/). This is the only way i could donate for now.
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