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  1. What gives??? You do not like "newbies"? I am new to this site, not to trading or burning CDR/DVD>??? BOP
  2. This is a very non-responsive site, no one want to help:{
  3. I need help in figuring out how to get faster burning speeds w/ CDBXP???? You all have expereinece and great insights...PLEASE share.... I want to copy 4.7GB of FLAC files on one DVD-R w/ an I/O Magic DVD-/+R Burner .... I have been told by the only person to answer...that 100 min per burn is too long.... PLEASE help if you can BOP truckers@gmail.goggle
  4. I just got CD Burner XP Pro. I have an I/O Magic Dual Layer internal burner. My first burn was a DVD Data disc 4.7gb of flac files. it too over 100 mins to burn??? I burned @ 4X, then @ 12X... each was the same... Please help me figure out how to get it to burn faster BOP email me @ truckers@gmail.com if you can help ASAP
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