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  1. Flo, My CD player is a bit on the wonky side and the random play option doesn't work very well. Time to buy a new one, I suppose. Cheers and Ta. Chuck, The files I am trying to sort are music files, not data files. I really would like the tracks in a random order so that I don't get 8 or 10 tracks from the same artist one after another. And you're right....adding 01, 02 etc. would be a big pain in the you know where! Thanks anyway.
  2. O.K.! I finally figured out that moving of tracks is only available when making an audio CD, NOT when making a CD for MP3's, which of course is a data CD. Ooops. Oh, well, maybe an idea for the next version? Thanks for all your help and I apologise for being such a dummy!
  3. I am using 3.0.116. Are there other versions?
  4. I finally got into the online helpfile you gave the link for and followed the instructions about holding down the mouse to move tracks in the compilation. It doesn't work. All that happens is a copy is made of the track, but the original track stays in the same position., and the copies then are arranged in alpahabetical order as well! The instructions mention something about using the context menu. I don't know what this means because I can't find anything like that in the drop down menus along the top. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place?
  5. Do you know how I can rearrange the list of songs before I burn my CD? They all come up in alphabetical order, no matter how they are arranged in the folder. Ta and cheers.
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