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  1. Don't know if this will apply to your problem (as I said in my original post, I didn't remember my msg) and it's so long ago. However, my PC manufacturer, HP, provided, either as DVD software or a download ( I can't remember), a program ,hpupdate.exe, and a file, d300n_320.bin, to flash the DVD firmware. It only takes a moment to run and is safe. Suggest you look for something similar or search your manufacturer's site for downloads for your PC and drive.
  2. Have a read of http://www.nu2.nu/bootcd/wxp/ or see PC Answers # 153 (Xmas 2005) "Creating a Windows XP Boot Disk".
  3. Doesn't seem same problem. I could READ my DVD drive, but could not RECORD to it.
  4. You seem to have the same problem as I had with Windows XP. See viewtopic.php?t=3071
  5. You are talking about a different package, BCDW 1.5 by Wolfgang Brinkmann, at http://www.bcdwb.de. I successfully used the different BCD 1.1.1 by Bart Lagerweij, available from http://www.nu2.nu/bootcd/wxp/.
  6. No, I did not have an original CD; that's why I wanted to create a Boot CD. I used the installed installation files in \I386 on the hard disk, as recommended in many articles. Yes, I never hide files on my PCs. No, I used the one supplied with the BCD package. Yes. I used BCD package 1.1.1 and it did successfully produce a bootable Boot CD, with SP2 slipstreamed, from exactly the same contents files as I used for CDBurnerXP. Therefore it is a CDBurnerXP problem.
  7. "HL-ST-DT" is used by the LG Corp as ID for its optical drives. See http://uk.lge.com/proddivergent.do?cate ... entId=0502 for similar models.
  8. As it suddenly started happening, you could try re-flashing the DVD Writer's firmware; it worked for me.
  9. What is at this link? When I clicked on it, it loaded Media Player which promptly crashed. Not worried about that, but has it changed any of my Registry values?
  10. You can't because u effectively did an erase by saying "DON'T continue multisession "!
  11. I've just checked. To CDBurnerXP a DLA disk looks Closed (no Multi-Session Allowed) so it can't add to it; yet to Windows the disk appears open and therefore can be added to.
  12. I think you need some software called Drive Letter Access (DLA) that usually either comes as an add-on to the O/S or a facility within your burning software. Then you can use the drive just like a floppy; writing and/or deleting individual files. Mine came on my OEM's DVD Writer Driver CD as an add-on to Windows and also to my CD burner software, RecordNow. It uses and formats the disks in UDF Format. I don't believe CDBurnerXP can handle or add to this format. I use Windows Explorer (or RecordNow) DLA to add to and/or delete files from CDs just like floppies, e.g. for backup purposes; I
  13. Yes, they are always empty until you select a New Compilation ... in the middle pane, either : Create a New Data-CD ... Create a New Audio-CD ... Rip Audio-CDs ...
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