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  1. hey guyz its me again, I know that the hardware isnt bad, and I just got a new power supply, it has a 550W max output and I still get the same error. I would have used nero, but everytime i use that, it freezes. So I really dont know what to do. Are there options somewhere for me to change the amount of power for the burner?
  2. Hey well guess what, I got a new one, and I still have the same problem, I guess that the pc that I am using just sucks to bad for it. I am going to try to throw it in another rig and see what I get.
  3. I cant do the firmware update, everytime I try to do it it tells me that there has been a flashing error. And other than that as far as I can tell all of the drivers are up to date.
  4. I am getting a Write Error: (3) Error occured while writing data to disc. A NT disc I/O operation failed (1054). Does anyone know what this means. I am using a NEC 3504a with Samsung pleomax DVD-RW 4x
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