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  1. Does CXPP have a limit on number of files it can handle, regardless of which component causes it? I'm trying to create a compilation of 20 folders, one of which contains about 240 MB in 6,400 files. The other folders contain about 500-2,000 files each, for a total of about 560 MB in 14,000 files. When I add the files, the first 8 folders with about 180 MB in 2,000 files are processed in less than 2 minutes. Then it's the turn of the big folder, which seems to hang the app: it's still running at 100% CPU util after 35 minutes. Is this too many files, or too many files per folder? (they are individual jpg frames from a video stream) TIA,
  2. I have a similar problem on my Windows 2000 SP4 PC (PIII 1GHz, .5GB memory): both CDBurnerXP Pro and 3.0.116 seem to hang when attempting to add 6350 small files about 40kB each, total 237MB. I tried adding the individual files and I tried adding the folder that contains them. After more than 4 hours I had to use Task Manager to kill the app. The problem seems related to the building of some sort of index or linked list. If that structure is accessed sequentially every time a new entry is added, then the time it takes to build it would grow with the square of the number of entries, explaining the apparent non-linear duration. Note: this is only my speculation based on its behavior. Maybe one of the developers will shed some light.
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