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  1. OK, here is the test image (it contains three files - picture, zip file of the picture and a word document) - it cannot be opened or burned by Nero, but I haven't tested it with other software. Good luck with it Regards, Robert
  2. I made a test image that is 1.57 Mb size (800Kb zipped) which was burned exactly the same way and shows exactly the same problem, and I send it to the Nero staff for some testing. However - I believe the failure is when burning with CDBrunerXP so I would like to send that testing image here also, to whoever has the time and will to check it. Regards, Robert
  3. I made 4 DVD+RW with images in the manner I described, and all 4 of them are having completely the same problem. So I lost around 23-24 CD worth of data here within those images... I need to emphasize once more - I burned those images as files with *.nrg extension, not the content of them. Why they aren't readable - I still can't figure out. So any suggestions are pretty much welcomed Regards, Robert
  4. I have following problem, and I will try to do my best to describe it as precisely as I can. I made some CD images of various software - mostly games, but also some programs with my Nero Burning Rom (version if that helps in any way) that I burned onto a DVD media as a backup. Problem is: those images are not working. To describe it a bit further: I used CD copy with "Delete image after copy" turned off, so when I do a copy of disc the image remains. I made all images in a classic mode with nrg extension using Nero Burning ROM only. However - I used software CDBurnerXP Pro to burn
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