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  1. Could you tell me which software you used to create the ISO image? Does CDBurnerXP Pro do it? (I have uninstalled the S/W and so I have to ask here) Thanks.
  2. This topic seems to be discussed and closed before, but it still exists in 3.0.116 (the latest download available). In particular, if you make a bootable CD using the following parameters, the CD is unreadable in Windows XP. File System: Joliet Emulation Type: No Emulation Load Segment: 7C0 Sectors: 4 Platform: 80x86 Disable ISO File Delimiters No Enforce ISO Level1 Boot Image is taken from a Windows XP bootable installation CD using ISOBuster. Basically, I am slipstreaming a Windows XP installation CD. Disabling ISO delimiters is necessary to make such a CD. Otherwise, the CD could not boot (can't find NTLDR). Interestingly, this problem also exists in Cheetah CD Burner.
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