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  1. I've tried to continue an unfinalized disc done with Deepburner. There are several files from the previous session already on the root dir that I want to move to a new folder, but I can't. I wonder why cause that's what I expected given this message Allows you to add, delete and update existing files on the disc as well as the fact that Nero's been doing this like ever. Isn't there a new TOC written with every session?
  2. Because of a few annoyances I've been planning to switch from Deepburner Free to CDburnerXP but no matter which version I've tried in the past, I always get 100% CPU usage on my AMD 2200+ as opposed to 40% peaks with Deepburner. I'm curious, any thoughts on what SDK they might be using or do you figure they simply have more money since they get revenue from selling a pro version? EDIT: Just tested BurnAware Free who is advertized as being "Based on the most stable and fast disc recording SDK" and guess what, CPU stays at 100% while burning.
  3. So any idea when the new project file format is written in stone so I can start writing a tool for it?
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