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  1. You are right, Flo ! Thanks for posting my solution at the right place. Regards Litzy
  2. with this program: - as mentioned before, I had some serious difficulties due to a "writing error 03" - before deleting the whole program, I gave it a last try, - CHANGING THE BURN MODUS FROM "Joliet" TO "Iso-Level 01". Result: ***** First Class, everything works fine ! ***** This is my advice to you, try it, if you have the same problem. It`s worth it !!!!! Saludos Litzy
  3. closing session. No additional data was reported (1000). ErrorSenes data Sense Key: 0 ASC: QASCQ:0." This message shows after having burned something. Sometimes the programm freezes. Curious, but afterwards the result of the burning is always ok. Please give me some help ! Regards Litzy
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