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  1. Never mind; I figured out how to get it done. Move the program to the 98 machine and installed it there. It didn't have any trouble burning from the XP machine then. BUT::: When I tried to play the result on my DVD player it would not play. That sucks. John
  2. Don't know if this has been addressed or not and I know I could work around this, but is it possible to burn DVD files to a DVD burner on another machine? I have a regular MS network; two computers at home, one with XP and the other WIN98. The XP has some VOB files I'd like to burn but don't really want to move the to the WIN98 because of space limitations. However, the WIN98 has the DVD burner mounted. Fudging around with this program, I like it and it's better speed but could not find a way to change the drive for what was located on the XP. I guess I could just swap burners and be done with it. Yeah, that's what I'll do but is there any way to do this without me swapping them? Thanks, John
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