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  1. Did I read a thread somewhere that dvd's created with cdburnxp can not be played on a home dvd player?? If this is true, anyone out there know of software will allow me to do this? Bob
  2. Well - I tried version but was unable to use it. Every time I tried to open it, I got the following error msg. "Failed to delay load library mscorsec.dll (win 32 error 1260 This pgm can no longer run and will terminate now" I reloaded ver. 3.0.116 and am back to my original problems. I will make the following notation, but since I am new at this, I don't know if this is comparing apples to apples or oranges. If and when I run movie dvd maker, I at least get a completed dvd. Mind you the results are not all that great and it takes hours to create the dvd. I only mentioned this
  3. I am running cdburnerxp Pro 3.0.116. I tried to burn a dvd with write speed set to 1x. This time I got a different error. "Writing error 3 Error closing dvd+r seesion/border The divice is not ready (1002) Sense key 2 ASC 2 ASCO 7" Somewhat of a progression I guess, but not desired results!! Thanks again Bob
  4. Thanks. I should have thought of that myself. I am running windows xp, and am using a pioneer dvr-110d rw devise
  5. While trying cdburnerxp for the first time, I encountered the following error - "Writing error3 Error closing dvd+r session border While closing, the track was never completed (1045) Error sense data: Sense key: 5 asc: 72 ascq:3" Can someone help me to decihper this and how to correct it if possible? Thanks in advance.
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