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  1. Hello, I wanted to burn a Gamecube Image, but CDBurnerXP Pro said that the image was not valid. With Nero, I can burn those images without any problem. Alcohol asks me for some settings. Info: Gamecube Images are in a format, that PCs cannot read and are written to MiniDVDs in most cases. They come as .gcm-files, which can be written without any problem with Nero when you remane them to .iso. So perhaps they are not valid ISO-files, but this is OK. Is there a way to override this validity check? Greets, Dr. Love
  2. I often want to make an image of a CD/DVD or just copy one. Is there a reason, why CDBurnerXP cannot copy directly? Edit: Oh, I just foud a copy function under the name: "ISO Medium kopieren" OK, say I am a big idiot! But perhaps it was a good idea to renme this function in the german translation to just "Medium kopieren" or "(ISO) Medium kopieren".
  3. Hello Flo, just donated. Please give me access to the betas. P.S. i love this smilie
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